Postgraduate program

Postgraduate program

The postgraduate program stricto sensu in Electrical Engineering (COPEL) at UFU offers master's degree courses (since 1985) and PhD (since 1994). The objectives of the program are advanced training of high level professionals for the development of applied research and / or base and the qualification of teachers to pursue the top-level teaching in the fields of electrical engineering, computer engineering and biomedical engineering. In the triennial evaluation (2010-2012) the program obtained concept 5 (FIVE).

Selective Process

Selective Processes for Masters and PhD vacancies occur twice a year, defining admissions in March and August. In the "Selective Process" tab, specific notices define the number of places for each of the areas, besides the selection criteria and the bibliography of the tests. Eventually, vacancies are offered to special students, by specific demand of each area.

The Postgraduate Program in Biomedical Engineering began its activities in the first semester of 2013 with the implementation of the Academic Master's course (Resolution No11/2012, Of the University Council). Students who successfully complete their Academic Master's courses receive the title of Master of Science. The Postgraduate Program in Biomedical Engineering will be composed of a single area of concentration, central thematic focus, and three lines of research.



The program offers scholarships of development agencies: Capes, CNPq and Fapemig, which are available to the student body, by selecting after participation in specific selection process.

The result is available in the section "Selective Process".

Contacts Complete information is available on the Master's Program in Biomedical Engineering Program - PPGEB.

Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering (COPEL) and Postgraduate Program in Biomedical Engineering (COPEB):

Secretary / Collegiate
Campus Santa Monica - Block 3N

Av. João Naves de Ávila 2121

Uberlândia - Minas Gerais - Brazil

CEP 38400-902

Phone: (34) 3239-4707; FAX: (34) 3239-4704

Secretary of the Graduate Program: Cinara Fagundes - 

Coordinator of the COPEL: Prof. Dr. Alexandre Cardoso - (34) 3239.4778

Coordinator of the COPEB: Prof. Dr. Adriano Alves Pereira - (34) 3239.4771 (BIOLAB LABORATORY)